AHS builds community commitment to the humane treatment of animals. To achieve this vision, we provide adoption support services, spay/neuter funding, medical assistance, and community education.



Brewster County

Where every animal has a full and rewarding life.

Our Values

Saving money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage day to day or earning a six figure salary, saving is something we all think about.

We do our work with passion, compassion, respect, and kindness.

We are dedicated to reducing suffering and improving the lives of animals.

We believe community engagement and education are the best ways to           eliminate pet overpopulation.

We are committed to the pursuit of successful pet adoptions.

We believe euthanizing adoptable animals is unacceptable.

We believe every dog and cat should be spayed/neutered until there are no homeless pets.

We commit to supporting and encouraging diversity, justice, and inclusivity in all aspects of our organization.

We Love What We Do

We can use your help to keep doing more! Every donation to the Alpine Human Society is tax-deductible and 100% is used to further our mission of impacting the lives of pets and their owners in the Alpine area.