Lost Pet

Missing Animal

Call Alpine Police Department 24/7 to report your missing animal. Sometimes pets make their way into the city limits and are picked up by a Good Samaritan or by Alpine Animal Services.

Alpine Friendly Pets

Post lost/found pets in the Alpine Friendly Pets group on Facebook. With nearly 2000 members, this is one of the most successful ways we've found to reunite lost pets and their owners. 

Friendly Tips


Your veterinarian or Alpine Animal Services can microchip your pet. AAS fee is $15 - no annual contract or subscription required. Call for an appointment (432) 837-9030. 


Call AAS immediately to report your pet mission. Post on social media. Make a flier. Notify local veterinarians and groomers. Canvass your neighborhood or the area where your pet went missing. Widen your search area if your pet is not found in a couple of days. 

Find Someones Pet?

Inside the city limits, call Alpine Police Dept to report the lost/stray animal. Try to get a photo of the animal & post it on social media. Don't chase a scared animal! If you can get close enough to read the info on their tags, contact the owners. 

Be Prepared

Microchip & put ID tags on your pet's collar. Make sure your contact info is kept up to date. Pet owners in the City of Alpine are required to register their pets. Have a good, current photo of your pet readily available. 


We Love What We Do

We can use your help to keep doing more! Every donation to the Alpine Human Society is tax-deductible and 100% is used to further our mission of impacting the lives of pets and their owners in the Alpine area.