Our History


On October 14, 1982, the Alpine Avalanche published a front page story on the horrible conditions at Alpine's city animal "shelter," complete with a photo of a forlorn dog poking his nose through the kennel bars. The shameful condition of the "shelter" united Alpine citizens who immediately organized the Alpine Humane Society. Dr. Helen Cole, business professor at Sul Ross State University and supporter of AHS, died in 1996 and left her entire estate of more than $1 million to AHS for the direct care of animals and operational expenses, with AHS having access to only the interest from the Trust.  



Alpine Humane Society has been hard at work improving the lives of animals in Brewster County, Texas since its inception in 1982. Our all-volunteer organization has worked with the City of Alpine to incrementally improve the sheltering of animals in the municipal shelter. The most recent shelter was completed in 2011 with AHS donating more than $80,000 to the construction of the crematorium. In July 2013, AHS opened its own Thrift Store to help fund the work of AHS. In 2014, AHS funded the construction of Kokernot Dog Park.

​In 2015, AHS purchased 28 Kuranda dog beds so every dog will have a soft, warm bed on which to sleep. No more sleeping on the cold concrete kennel floor! July 2016, AHS started transporting shelter dogs to a Colorado rescue. August, 2016, AHS donated & built a 100x100 ft play yard at the Alpine shelter and staff & volunteers were trained by Dogs Play For Life to do dog play groups. April 2017, hired an Enrichment Coordinator who will run play groups, coordinate volunteers, and assist with the promotion of adoptable pets. 

In 2019, AHS hired its first Executive Director, as well as additional Thrift Store staff, an Enrichment Assistant, and an Executive Assistant.

We Love What We Do

We can use your help to keep doing more! Every donation to the Alpine Human Society is tax-deductible and 100% is used to further our mission of impacting the lives of pets and their owners in the Alpine area.