Success Stories

"He is a great dog, loves to play with other dogs, is sensitive and energetic. It has been a real learning experience for me: I expected certain behaviors in a dog which I had not taught to him yet, as if he came right out of the box knowing how to walk on a leash, etc!... So we are working on everything and having so much fun doing it. He is a great companion and a sweet guy."

Since her adoption from the Alpine shelter in 2015, Shell has been living her dream life as a 77-pound lap dog. Her family wouldn't have it any other way!

Tatoosh (formerly McFly) has found his loving forever family in his new human mom Sarah and his new dog-sis Malia. Sarah, Malia and Tatoosh are all in love!

Michelle met Ruffy in 2015 at a Sul Ross finals- week "destress event," when Alpine shelter dogs visit the campus to get loved on by busy, stressed out students. She immediately found off-campus housing so she could adopt him, and the two have been inseparable since!

Here is Ace at his first Christmas with his forever family in Colorado. He spent 6 long and lonely months in the shelter, and was adopted in September of 2016. 

Camille, adopted by Joy Moore from the Alpine shelter in August 2015. Here's Camille enjoying her first Christmas at home. 

Mina, formerly Athena, learning how to do what she's asked. What a good girl!

Hailey was adopted from the Alpine shelter in March 2016 to live at the High Frontier with all of the staff and students as her family. She has run of the whole place along with another dog who was adopted from the shelter years ago, and Hailey loves her new life. Everyone there loves her right back! Here's Hailey with her most favorite art teacher in the whole wide world.

Rufus caught Jesse's eye and heart after the Artwalk 2014 parade of shelter dogs when he stuck by her side during a thunderstorm. Jeff and Jesse are always glad that he was so needy that day, because she brought that terrified dog home. His nickname at home is "Right There Rufus" because he still never leaves her side, though he's much more content.

Amanda (human) and her best friend, Tina (dog), Alpine shelter alum.

Mark and Luka. Luka lived in the Alpine shelter as Galaxy for more than a year, being perpetually overlooked by potential adopters because she excessively jumped at her kennel door whenever a human walked by. Now Luka has a daily run or bike ride and a loving family of other rescued animals, and she shows her true, beautiful personality as an affectionate and playful (and non-jumping!) friend to humans, dogs and cats. 

Patrick was overlooked for a long time in the shelter, but Thea saw through the rough edges to his inner beauty just as soon as she met him in October 2015 at an adoption event at the shelter. She took him home, showered him with love, and watched him immediately become the most adoring companion to her and the rest of the furry family.

Mark and Gwin adore their special girl, Sno, who they adopted from the Alpine shelter in June 2015.

Both Blue and Diego were adopted from the Alpine shelter in 2014. They are living the dog-dream in Fort Davis.

Karly and her sidekick Avry (formerly Romie), adopted May 2015. Avry is Karly's sidekick and best friend. Karly teaches Avry new tricks and takes her running. Avry teaches Karly about love, friendship, and the importance of daily routine--- Karly says Romie has gotten her into great shape!

Anabel adopted Fitz in 2014. They are never-separated BFF's.

Alpine City Manager Erik Zimmer and his family adopted Milo in May 2015 from the Alpine shelter, and now Milo gets to go running and play with the kids every single day. Photo by CTC Photography.

Coyne Gibson with his favorite dog, Buster. Coyne was helping photograph Alpine shelter dogs in December 2014 and Buster stole his heart. The rest, as they say, is history.

Maryam with Zorro, formerly Woody, who spent almost a year at the Alpine shelter, and who she and Nick adopted in December 2014. Maryam says, "He's the best dog I've ever had."

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